FSN lunch banter

Its noontime and my lunch break already…What have I been upto this morning, quite a busy morning at Feature Story News.  Investigating Chinese sex trafficking  to Britain, setting up interviews with the British Red Cross and  trying to find an analyst for a Libyan update interview and twiddling my thumbs in between. Catherine has been out doing B roll for Royal wedding stories and not too pleased with her introduction on my blog since yesterday, looks like I’ve got to do something about it soon.

Well the most interesting bit is the lunch discussion. Its unfortunate Nina is often blamed for the Global Food crisis by Olly, cause he thinks she eats too much. He thinks fish and veggies will be extinct soon. I detest taking sides but three boxes of sushi isn’t much really ….is it? Poor Nina !

I had a yummy salmon cheese sandwich for a change. Olly was eating a Guinness Steak pot and Catherine hummous on toast with warm salad, healthy indeed!

Its a beautiful sunny day in London, hopeful to get out for an interview this afternoon and another later.

Oh and here are a few pics of our team and the busy office. Olly and Nina were in competition to see who looks best with my glasses . Catherine’s wearing her own, but they are similar

Lunch is over, so back to work now

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