Did Rebekah Brooks get the media LOL at the Prime Minister ?

The media love it when people in the pubic eye have their foot in the mouth. And last week, Rebekah Brooks was not one to hold back when recounting her text exchanges with our very own Prime Minister David Cameron.

On Friday, Brooks told the Leveson inquiry Cameron signed off his text messages LOL for “lots of love”. She added: “That was until I told him it meant laugh out loud.”

What ensued after Rebecca’s evidence at the inquiry, not only took the British media by storm but also hit International news like Toronto based Globe and Mail and Business Insider to name a few. Not a single media organisation was to show some mercy to David Cameron’s ignorance of LOL text speak, infact of everything that came out of the inquiry, LOLgate featured as top story of the day.

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If anyone tuned into the Press review  on Sky news  that evening, even the panellists ie Alex Deane , Head of public Affairs at Weber Shandwick, former Cameron aide were ROTFL  about several references to LOLgate. Social media was a buzz with the LOL frenzy and many tweeting their concerns.

One Brown Moses said “How can we expect David Cameron to run the country when he doesn’t even know what LOL means? Talk about out of touch!

And another Twop Twips suggested the Prime Minister attend her text speak workshops, “DAVID CAMERON. It would benefit you to attend my Modern Acronyms and Text Speak seminar on the 15th, See You Next Tuesday, LOL x”

A certain member John Prescott had this picture on his twit feed

When it comes to the world of Acronyms, what was once ‘Lots of Love’ a few years or even a decade ago has become ‘Laugh out loud’ who knows what it might be tomorrow ‘Little old lady’ or ‘leave out Larry’. Is the PM a little behind in  ‘text speak’ or simply just far too occupied in the House of Lords addressing the nations woes.

The point being, David Cameron might not be the first to have found himself in a pickle. There are many people around who still use LOL to sign off texts using LOL for lots of love. Give the Tory a break and move on. Greece is on the verge of exiting the Euro as we speak, less than 80 days for the Olympics, JP Morgan’s Dimon is under fire for a shock trading causing losses worth $2 billion, now said to be $3billion and Manchester City are still celebrating their championship title win after 44 years!

So David Cameron, keep your head up and LOL !