News other than the games making ‘Olympic headlines’

With exactly a week to the Olympics, everything from transport inefficiencies to security glitches and Small Medium Enterprises capitalising on Olympic branded items, has been making the front pages.

In the first week of July it was G4S security shortages, yesterday Guardian ran a story about former Slum Dog Millionaire Director Danny Boyle embroiled in a tug-o-war with Olympic Broadcasting Services trying to have cameras installed in specific locations.

And today, the UK Border forces have ceremoniously called for a strike a day before the start of the Olympics. It’s turning to be an Olympic shambles of all sorts with more media publicity on events in the build up to the games than the event itself.

A week ago Boris Johnson was trying to assure the International media and members of the public at the Olympic Media centre about British weather and food, saying, ‘There are more Michelin restaurants in London than Paris, and it rains more in Rome than here.’

One person who has been in the spotlight is Home Secretary Theresa May. In the wake of a series of tumultuous events from security to UK border force, she might be spending many sleepless nights. Daily Mail always a step ahead, with an angle more unusual than the rest.

And if that was not enough, the Middletons’ have come under fire again, as the family firm has published images featuring Olympic festive bunting and party kits, said to be a breach of law unless they are official sponsors of the event.

Well, I checked Amazon sports website, who aren’t official sponsors and are retailing 2012 and Team GB branded sportswear. Inside sources have confirmed LOCOG permissions have been sorted. Who knows, that might be a similar case for the Middletons?

Oh well, just can’t wait for the games to begin now, atleast the focus will be on the games rather than all the drivel in the build up to it. As Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey put it two weeks ago in the House of Commons, “I am worried the security is overshadowing the sporting nature of the Games.”

Of all the woeful bits, one that had me in laughter was the Olympic tattoo on the arm of an American national, which was spelled as “Oylmpics”. In an interview with BBC news, she confessed she hadn’t noticed until her friend brought it to her attention. 


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