Occupy LSE – Two weeks later “People will not be got rid off”

Since the start of the protests two weeks ago, there has been a sea of changes right from the organisation, increase in support from people not only here in London but all over England. There has been resignations from prominent clergy leaders and now ongoing discussions whether the camp is going to be evicted and more over where will they go?

I went down again to meet fellow protesters and participate in the afternoon .A lot had changed but this time round there were talks about the City of London corporation and cathedral authorities looking into legal procedures to evict the campers.

Everyone seemed to be burning with fury and had an opinion and were involved in some way or another either at the tents or the talks outside. But there were also the few getting wasted on beer in the cosy atmosphere of their tents. There was a free tea coffee tent, and free food by the Hare Krishna Hare Rama movement .

Many argued, what is christianity if they are going to ask us to leave? Is that what the church would do? Do they support the greedy corporates or us? Certainly they haven’t been causing any disruption and the demonstrations have been peaceful so far.

Amongst the optimists, there was always the odd pessimist who said they should leave and find some place else, these protests aren’t going to achieve anything

I was curious to find out why such a tough  stance on the protesters, and if they are to be evicted where do they go next. I got further insight after speaking with some of the people present.  Watch the video for more details


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