President Obama’s visit to England

So Obama will be here in less than a week, much chit chat going on about what is the purpose of the visit? What are the Prime Minister and he expected to discuss? Definitely, not the fact that he and Mrs. Obama didn’t get an invite to the royal wedding earlier.

Here at Feature Story News, I’ve been making calls to Downing Street who’ve been conspicuously ignoring me trying not to divulge too much detail and keep the itinerary as discreet as possible. After all isn’t Obama the man to have authorised Osama’s killing? Security has been further tightened since and with that more people moaning about the cost of its operations

Another interesting aspect, Boris Johnson says he’s going to present him with a Congestion bill of 5.2 million that the US government seems to have racked up over a period of time. The London Mayor is fed up that the US Embassy refuses to pay the £10 charge on its cars, a refusal that has now racked up an amount of £5.2M, slightly less than the figure quoted by Johnson.

Catherine and I were at an interview with the Director of Research, from the Henry Jackson Society at King’s Cross. We met with Alexandros Peterson who said, inevitably on the top of their agenda will be discussions about the transatlantic relations. He said, especially over the years Obama has been hugely criticised by the Republicans for ignoring the Western allies and focusing on East Asia.

Another interesting revelation he spoke about was was a new mission for Britain and America in the 21st century. ‘The West has a responsibility to play a role in the Middle East peace process carefully and help them in their fight against dictatorship and corruption,’ he said. ‘Together they should promote good governance not only in the Middle East and North Africa, but also Central Asia’.

When we moved on to the ongoing situation about Libya, he admitted the US had taken more of a background role with Britain and France having led the operation. But with his upcoming visit here, there has to come a point where they will discuss what do they plan to achieve ? And is a Libya without Colonel Gaddafi possible? Well looks like quite a tight itinerary already, not forgetting to mention, the state banquet and the other visits Obama will have to attend during his two days visit here.

Also lately after the recent Osama killing, a poll conducted by Associated Press indicated President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit its highest point in two years — 60 percent — and more than half of Americans now say he deserves to be re-elected.

Before closing the interview, we asked one last question as to whether the Western leaders would congratulate him, to which he replied “It would be interesting if they didn’t.”


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