Dinner Dilemma

Ever had that feeling where you are looking forward to something and then its a huge disappointment. It could be anything from meeting a potential someone, or exploring a holiday destination you’ve seen in an ad, or some technology that you thought would make life easier but turns out to be a huge disaster. The point I’m trying to make , I was just looking forward to a cheese omelette and baked beans, something I’ve not relished in a long time. Isn’t that simple enough?

Anyways to my dismay, when I opened the can of Tesco baked beans, I was appalled. Seconds into pulling off the tinned cover was a rancid layer of fungus, I don’t wish to elaborate on further. I didn’t want to see it at first. Thought I had overlooked the due date while making a purchase. After double checking the best before date, I realised it was 02/2013. A bit hungry and furious now, and an appetite ruined I resorted to an omelette followed by some tuna salad.

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I was also thinking to myself, why do they put best before guarantees for upto two years when it has not even gone past the current year. Initially, I thought, oh there’s no time for this now but then who knows how many people are tricked into buying some of their products and then think bother! And the cycle goes on and nobody cares

Hoping to make sure someone else will not be victimised, I am writing to Tesco customer service about their rancid can of baked beans and hoping for the best

P.S. Warning, pictures here are visually nauseating


4 thoughts on “Dinner Dilemma

  1. I agree – it’s annoying when you’re looking forward to a simple pleasure that can’t possibly go wrong. Then this! Go and give Tesco a piece of your mind.

  2. I no that’s disgusting, I don’t blame you writing to Tesco’s. I hope they aren’t the baked beans I left you x

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