Unsolved murder mysteries

Two murder stories I’ve been following closely since late last year are that of Anni Dewani and Joanna Yeates. It’s almost like reading that gripping novel, which you can’t put down, waiting to get to the end to find the criminal. Just that, its for real this time and not fiction. And in between with all its twists and turns, you are left wondering, ‘well could it really be her husband Shrien Dewani’, not a chance, why would he? Unless he never liked her, it was arranged and all sorts of other speculation

So what really makes these two stories prominent in the media compared to several murder stories that take place and are forgotten over a period of time?

In the past six months, obviously the interest for Anni Dewani’s murder has seen tremendous coverage, not only in the british newspapers but also the international press. Well I thought, it was possibly the complexity of the case, the origin of the parties involved, their nationalities, and trail of events for the wedding in Mumbai, followed by the honeymoon in South Africa.

It goes without saying the British tabloids love a who-dunn-it, a crime mystery that leaves you hungry for more. And every newspaper has an unusual twist to its report. Apart from the interest from tabloids , there’s press from South Africa, and also India and Sweden. Apparently there are rumours he could have links to the Mumbai underworld.

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Especially the Dewani case, what started out as a story as businessman’s wife murdered on honeymoon has now developed into something where Shrien was eventually turned into a suspect in the murder, who would have thought so? Earlier evidence suggested, she wasn’t sexually assaulted before murder, but new proof shows otherwise, also taking into consideration a recent eyewitness’ report

The question ultimately, could it be him? or not still remains unanswered.

However the latest extradition hearing reveals he needed to “find a way out” of his engagement, and this was even before they married. He didn’t wish to placate his family and so they say, so why marry in the first place?  Following the timeline of events, this story leaves me shocked and intrigued at the same time, only curious to know more about what’s next?

The last time I was present at his court hearing at the Belmarsh Magistrates Court in March this year, it was hard to tell whether Dewani was remorseful about the whole incident. Also claims about his weight loss in the media, I thought was a bit absurd. It didn’t seem apparent when I actually saw him. On the contrary, it seemed otherwise, but that again could this be the side effects of the sleeping pills or medication he’s taking.

Relatives of the Hindocha family more than anything, would like justice for their daughter. But really can justice be done especially when it comes to losing a loved one ?

As a journalist, you really don’t want an element of bias to creep in, where you start to think, could he …err don’t think so. But with an unbelievable spin in events its really hard to say. I’m sure families of both parties are devastated and waiting to get this out of the way

In the meanwhile, as for the Joanne Yeates case, Vincent Tabak has pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but denied murder. Turns out that manslaughter is accidental and murder is deliberate. And his trial for murder is scheduled for October. After all the speculation involving whether the landlord Chris Jeffries could be a suspect. Who wouldn’t be mortified to have your name falsely thrashed in the papers, especially when one British tabloid carries a memorable headline in The Sun reading “Weird, Posh, Lewd, Creepy.”

So what happens next with Dewani? The last hearing on May 3 discussed harsh conditions in South African prisons not meeting human rights conditions according to most European mandates. This could be potentially dangerous to Dewani given his circumstances.

And the case continues….one can only wait to see what happens next .


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