Royal wedding madness

The final day has arrived and its tomorrow. Much work has gone into the royal wedding preparations in terms of editorial, production and logistics not for one month, but for the last since months since the engagement was announced I hear. I was at the media rehearsal at Westminister Abbey today, and one thing I’ve learnt,  working in live television is highly stressful and exhilarating at the same time. The whole experience has been challenging everyday in the past one month but definitely one where you look back on and say ‘what was I doing there’

The whole country is celebrating. You can tell by the street parties, the buntings, royal ads in supermarkets and café’s, and all sorts of promotions. While I was walking from the Abbey to the media stands at QE2 ( where all the local and international media stands are) I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the overnight campers from all over the world, who call themselves loyal royal fans. They were adorned in tiaras and glitter, carrying the union jack with wills and Kate embossed in the centre , and comforting themselves within the walls of colourful tents.

I’ve been assigned the role of  St. Margaret’s Producer, just a few steps away from the abbey and have to ensure my pre scheduled guests will arrive on time and interviews will take place without any glitches. I‘m hoping technology won’t let me down. Its not even my wedding, and I have never planned something in my life, up to the minute.

I’m nervous and excited, its all surreal and the magnanimity of this event has suddenly dawned on me. Guess I need not say more as these pictures from Westminster will give you a better idea of the live atmosphere outside the Abbey today.

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3 thoughts on “Royal wedding madness

  1. “Its not even my wedding, and I have never planned something in my life, up to the minute” This quote will go down in history! You rock, girl! I’m sooo thrilled you’re right there in the action!

  2. You got me hooked girl. I was not planning on waking up early in the morning to watch the wedding … But after reading this , I switched on the television

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