Princess boot-camps – Shallow or not?

‘Princess boot – camps’ or ‘royal boot – camps for aspiring princesses’ , it baffles me, the level to which society can stoop to in the run up to the royal wedding.

On the royal wedding desk at ITV these days, I am excited about working on such an event with a mass global appeal but at the same time overwhelmed with all the frenzy. Great for British tourism, but its unbelievable the extent to how property giants, chinaware, retail, hotel industries and now summer camps have cashed in on the event.  I work in media and It would be hypocritical to say I’ve not been a part of it, but yes we have exhausted every possible angle on the story and will possibly continue to do so until the big day arrives

To make matters worse while watching the news this evening, I stumble on this story on ‘Bootcamp for wannabe princesses’. At the camp little girls are taught how to curtsy infront of a fake queen, stir their tea and eat without leaving crumbs on their face. Seriously, parents is this all you aspire for your daughters. Its sad enough little girls or women are at the receiving end of many stereotypes that have been thrust upon them over the years. And the latest being ‘how to be a royal’ or ‘bootcamp for wannabe princesses’ just reduces the level of ambition and aspirations for a future society. Whatever happened to the noble professions such as teaching, medicine, finance  architecture, science, technology, or sport.

I learned a lot about interest from overseas countries in my Royal Walking tour earlier, particularly, America, Japan and Canada. Now I also hear american summer camps introducing a session on becoming a princess. Moreover, for a three week long session, the cost is $4000. Agreed, the emphasis would be on teaching them manners and how to carry themselves in society, but wouldn’t you rather invest that money in developing an extra curricular skill such as painting, or music or art. Instead of just learning how to be a princess and wait for prince charming to ride you off to a castle on a horse someday…oh how I wish , NOT!


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