Sunshine matters

I’ve been spending less time writing in my blog and more time in the sunshine. Its hard to imagine three days of consistent great weather in England. Having lived in more tropical climes, I never quite understood why it made such a difference.

But after experiencing six – seven long months of cold, dark dank winters, it would be hard not to head out and enjoy a sunny weekend in London. When you meet people here, the obvious topic of conversation is the weather. But the truth is, it does have a direct effect on you, whether you are planning your weekend or a day out filming, or shopping. But  most importantly the general vibe in the city and the way people feel is upbeat.

I moved into my new accommodation about a month ago. In all this time, I’ve never seen my neighbours, infact I’ve been oblivious there are people living next to me. While I was walking to the bust stop, for the first time in four weeks I was greeted by the neighbours and saw people playing the guitar and having barbecues outside

For a change  Leo and I were tourists and went down to Greenwich for the day. One cannot go to Greenwich and not visit the Royal Observatory. We were at the heart of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian of the World, which is considered a central starting point for each new day and year. We didn’t really get a chance to go inside and the place  was crowded with tourists from all over. Though I did, set my watch to the correct time, in the hope of being punctual in future

We later strolled down to the astronomy centre, and London’s only planetarium. It wasn’t long before we were waiting to tuck into the salmon cheese, crinkles and tuna sandwiches. The sprawling Greenwich park was packed with people. I thought this wasn’t the vibe a month ago when I went to interview Public Astronomer Dr. Marek Kukula for a story on time change, eventually the story was shelved as the plan never really took off. On our way out we had a quick peak into the National Maritime Museum.

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We visited the Greenwich Market, which had leather satchels, a range of Italian cheese, Spanish sea food and chorizo paella and Brazilian churros. For those who don’t know “Churros” are simple fritters that look something like a big “French fry,” but taste nothing like one. They are the Spanish equivalent of doughnuts. Instead of a ring shape, like a doughnut, churros are long straight or slightly curled lengths that usually have ridges. Eaten while warm and sprinkled with sugar or drizzled with honey. They are quick and easy to make.

The ones I saw at the market had a chocolate filling, and dulche de leche ( caramel based milk cream). It was evening by then and Leo treated me to some yummy organic ice-cream. We tried to get a glimpse of the Cutty Sark, popularly known as the world’s last tea clipper. Unfortunately, it was closed for restoration work due to be open to the public in 2012 for the Olympics.

All in all a fantastic busy weekend, thanks to sunshine. I’m really trying to beat  Monday morning blues


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