Techno triumph at Royal Wedding broadcast

Technology spells no bounds today. I can’t imagine journalism a few years ago, it must have been challenging or required more people to carry out the same job. Today, its almost a one man show, well infact it just is. Journalists are expected to  research, produce, script and deliver and try and ensure you’ve exhausted every possible medium to publish your story.

The reason why I’m on this is because, today I was learning how presenters will be accessing guest profiles of about a 1900 international and local well known figures from their iPad’s. Catering to a television audience of 2 billion is no easy task. A whole system is in place and is put together so that on the click of a button, they have access to a host of European and world royals and foreign dignitaries that arrive on the big day outside Westminister Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

Its easy if you are The Beckhams or Elton John, but god help the presenter and crew if its someone who hasn’t been prominently in the media. Its taken weeks of collating research, images, facts and figures to arrive at this stage. On the day, when the presenters are outside the Abbey and infront of Buckingham Palace, I’m sure it will be every bit worth the effort.


2 thoughts on “Techno triumph at Royal Wedding broadcast

  1. Do you think the access to technology makes us journalists weaker or stronger? Some would argue that reporters get lax, preferring to do interview over e-mail or the phone rather than meeting the person required to get ‘the colour’ you need for a story and then fill in the blanks using the Internet and other people’s hard work.

    1. A very good point. But in the case of most things, there’s always two sides to it, depends how you use it. Well I’d agree with you and say, the lazy journalists have become lazier, even to the point where they just rehash online information that’s at their disposal without cross verifying key facts. But the clever ones use it to their advantage for speed, accuracy and excellent output. Guess which bracket you’d like to fall into, I’d like to think we are in the latter

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