Learning the royal wedding trail

Little did I know , when I went into work today I would be on the team for the recce of the royal wedding route. So the ITN team set out on a walking tour this afternoon which started out at Buckingham Palace and ended at Westminister Abbey. Two weeks back, I was on a walking tour of a different kind, more to understand prominent spots of significance, also frequented by the royal family

Unlike my earlier royal walking tour last month, this one was to identify key areas where cameras are stationed, the ITV studios, local and international media to get a tangible idea in the course of our planning, ahead of the big day.

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We were lucky to have Jim Cathcart, who has been with ITN for about thirty years, and he took us through the tour.Having covered some of the biggest events in the royal family, don’t think anyone could do better to fill his shoes. He seemed to know it all having covered Prince Charles and Diana’s wedding, Princess Diana’s death, The Queen mother’s 100th birthday, Prince Edward’s  wedding to Sophie Rhys Jones and more.

He informed us of approx 85 ITV cameras that will be strategically fitted on poles and different points along the way to  follow through with the procession on the day. And this is only ITV, can’t imagine how many more it will be together with foreign media. This will include a bit of access to a few of the BBC cameras and will ensure coverage of  every little detail from Prince William leaving Clarence House to when the newly wed’s kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

Areas around the Buckingham Palace have been given names of commonwealth countries such as Canada Gate, South Africa gate and so forth

I was delighted to know I would be stationed outside Westminister Abbey, and would be responsible for getting hold  of some of the key 1900 guests. Getting involved in an event of such a calibre, makes you feel like its that of your own and you just can’t afford to screw up. Exciting and a bit daunting at the same time, but definitely something to look forward to.

The logistics still seem quite hazy, but hopeful to get some clarity closer to the dates. In the meanwhile, there’s a lot more work to do.


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