Behind the scenes at ITN

I’ve been a bit under the weather these days, thanks to the so called Influenza. But life goes on at work, sometimes I think the weather has got something to do with the way I feel. There hasn’t been much sunshine, so to say !

When you work in Television, one thing is always be ready for a surprise. Especially when you are a Freelancer, more reason to be challenged by what’s going to be thrown at you in the day. Well today was no different, apart from  a huge learning experience in the ITN studios and control rooms.

Fortunately, I got to attend the Royal wedding rehearsals at the ITN studios in the basement. It was cold and dark, and a million television screens of all sizes infront of me. There were five people in the control room and the publicist of Philip Schofield. He is the presenter of the ITV Morning Show and Dancing on Ice. In the Green Studios were Philip Schofield and Julie Etchingham.

When we watch television, its hard to say , how much actually goes into the programming, planning and production, especially  if it involves broadcasting a live event. Its easier to do pre recorded shows, but live TV, can be demanding. One of my colleagues told me, its not what you do, its the little thing you didn’t do that becomes a problem. Hence, always be prepared.

The producer, was informing the presenter of different cues, possible questions during the broadcast. I always wondered if Presenters are as well informed and  intelligent as they are thought to be , well some maybe but  definitely not all.Everyone in the control room seemed highly strung, and couldn’t afford to lose a second of concentration. We were watching lots of archival footage of the 1981 Royal wedding of Princess Diana to Prince Charles. The Outside Broadcasting camera’s were set up in different areas around ITN, to give a taste of what it would feel like on the actual wedding day.

Before this I was unaware, there were rehearsals to events like these in the first place.


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