First day at ITV

I wonder how many find themselves in a situation like me,  where you annoy a receptionist at a TV agency to get through to the main editor and hope against hope never to see them again. What happens three months later, you get a broadcast internship at the same company.

Such was my experience this morning. I was at the ITV building to start my first day of a TV broadcast internship. And as luck would have it, it was the same receptionist who turned me away last time I went by to drop my music documentary. She said I looked familiar and I said it  must have been someone else.

Anyways, the Assistant News Editor on the Royal Wedding team was there to see me. I was taken in on a short tour around ITV, shown the pantry and the news desks. NBC was working alongside and in the middle was a team working on the  London Tonight show. The feeling of being in a real newsroom atmosphere was surreal. I loved seeing TV screens all around me, it was busy, noisy, chaotic, just what I had always imagined a newsroom to be. Everyone was busy, or atleast seemed it. There wasn’t much time for chit chat and I was immediately given my desk space.

I was assigned to the Royal wedding team. There’s quite a few of us working on this beat, and yet so many aspects of it still remain unfinished. The logistics are intense. I wouldn’t have imagined, the planning and preparation that goes into events like these, until I worked alongside the team and looked like they had been doing it longer.

I was mainly handling production and research on European and Arab royals, Ministers and foreign dignitaries. I thought by the time it is the wedding, not only will I have adequate knowledge of the Royal family in England, but also from all over the world.

It was very different from what I experienced at Feature Story News. I was learning a lot, but I also missed following other news on Libya and Japan. I missed my colleagues at FSN and I was pretty much restricted to my desk. At Feature story News, I loved getting out and doing the occasional interview or go filming around London. Guess that’s what comes with being associated with a bigger TV production company, the roles are defined and there’s less flexibility with what you do.

Anyways its too early to say, it was only my first day !


4 thoughts on “First day at ITV

  1. I’m enjoying reading your blog Charlene whilst I’m on my lunch break and the start of this one made me laugh. x

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