‘Watercolour’ at Tate Britain

Three glorious days of sunshine in London, quite unusual but glad its the beginning of summer. The winter felt like forever. I love Saturdays and usually detest Sundays

I always start to get a bit edgy on Sunday, anticipating the start of the new week. This one was a particularly beautiful Sunday. It started out at Tate Britain, home to some of the best british art since 1500. Had not it been for Henrietta and John’s (Leo’s parents) visit to London, I’m not sure I would have made a trip there. So the morning was at the ‘Watercolour’ exhibition, which was unbelievably inspiring.

A keen painting enthusiast myself at school, apart from appreciating art from the 16th century, there was a lot I learned about technique.  It takes quite a bit usually to get the desired effect, also combining the right elements from brushes, paints, types of colours and even the paper thickness. I was intrigued to know more about paintings on vellum (type of support usually derived from the skins of animals, usually sheep or goats)

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I particularly loved the ‘Watercolour and War’ section and the section that displayed the evolution of paints from the sixteenth century. its hard to imagine how much thought would go into paintings like these, especially where the artist is trying to portray a a scene of  war and depict every detail. It is believed these are the graphics most people relied on before the days of photography. Some of the paintings that caught my attention were the ‘Leguminosae family bean painting’ which I also refer to as bean painting, The Blue Night, Venice, and Men must work, women must weep, which at a glance, I thought was rather hard to comprehend the psyche behind the artist.

It all ended in a lovely lunch at a nearby pub in Pimlico and then a trip to St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Choral Evensong, a perfect ending to my Sunday.

It’s my first day at the new internship tomorrow; I’m excited and anxious. It’s hard not to think about Feature Story News.


2 thoughts on “‘Watercolour’ at Tate Britain

  1. I detest Sundays as well – the day before Blue Monday. I completely agree with you. Until someone visits you never take in what the city you live in has to offer. It was only when we had friends in Toronto during summer 2010 that we took a trip to the Royal Ontario Museum. It’s amazing how lazy one can be.
    PS – That painting doesn’t do justice to any sunset in Goa 😉

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