Royal ‘walking talking’ tour

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Can’t believe its my last day at FSN. A month has gone by rather quickly. I was either too busy or the people too nice , but all in all a great working atmosphere, even if Olly constantly whinged about what Nina was wearing and  couldn’t stop talking about his holiday in the Carribean next week, i’m jealous !

Another  glorious day in London again. I was wearing my summer dress without a jacket. Olly and myself  , also known as ‘FSN Team A’ set out filming the Royal Wedding Walking tour. We were taken to all the popular spots frequented by the Royal family right from the birthplace of the Queen mother, Kate Middleton’s granddad’s office, St. James Palace, Clarence House, Buckingham Palace, Mahiki, a popular nightclub frequented by the couple, and where prince Harry was once caught staggering out of the club on a  drunken night out with his friends.

I didn’t know Prince William had seven girlfriends prior to Kate and apparently all of them will be at the wedding, so am told by Hana our tour guide. She was great though she also did get a few of the details wrong. There were quite a few american, canadian and australian tourists and the rest were press. The ABC Australian News team, The Times , a finnish newspaper and the legendary FSN

Some press can be a bit too fussy and uptight about every shot while  filming the tour, like the Australian presenter from ABC. Obviously, you’ve got to be a bit resilient when you are out with quite a few people and other media. Gosh she did seem quite inconsiderate, wanting to perfect every shot in every single alley. But thankfully the other people on the tour were obliging. A two hour walking tour turned out into three hours. I was exhausted by the end, but throughly enjoyed it and had fun filming it with Olly.

Here are a few pics from our tour and the last bit where FSN fashion aficionado Olly is doing his piece to cam infront of Westminister Abbey, don’t miss the jacket and the  20 per cent tan !


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