Libyan Embassy blues

It was no surprise today when I returned to the Libyan embassy in Knightsbridge, security was rather tight and trying to get past the press officer to the reception wouldn’t be easy. Instead of one officer, there were ten this time and the embassy was surrounded by high barricades.

Still trying to help out colleagues in New York with their visas, after two days of calling, we thought a trip down there would be worth a  try. However unlike the last time, I wasn’t treated to a fancy coffee by the press officer, infact I wasn’t acknowledged.

Much has changed , since the military action in Libya. There weren’t many protesters lined up outside the embassy, did leave me wondering if some of them have just taken the next flight out to Benghazi. Obviously their spirit to fight for democracy and freedom was rife and they were very much hopeful the last time I interviewed them at the protests in London. Then again, that was ten days ago.

Well hard luck this time, but at-least I was safe and back to the office

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2 thoughts on “Libyan Embassy blues

  1. Thanks so much for your help Charlene and I like the blog. Sorry to put you through so much trouble at the embassy, and where are the bloody visa’s eh?

    Best Nathan

    1. Hi Nathan, Thanks, I’m glad you like it ! I tried my best, but yeah they were just being difficult.The receptionist chased me off twice on my earlier trip and while I was hanging around outside the embassy I was lucky to meet an FT journalist on his way out, that was ten days ago. He told me it was quite an arduous process and it took him six weeks. I was eventually invited in by the press officer who seemed like he was going to help, but obviously much has changed since the attacks. Seemed like he wasn’t even in office for a few days, that i was trying to call him. The last I went there they refused to acknowledge anyone at the embassy saying they aren’t issuing press visas. So there you go! I hope something has worked since, Olly mentioned you were trying cairo. Good luck !

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